Extra: Mystith is Working Hard

Demon Kings eat your hearts out.
Only Marty’s Girl could pull off this flight formation

Inlitify OA

This is a tale of how the girl who once carried a great knight on her back, Mystith, ran about to prepare for an unveiling display.

The clock turns back to when Sakuya defeated the former boss of the dragon stables (Bram).

Having returned to her den, Mystith asked all the dragons of her lake about flight formations. But a dragon who had done flight formations didn’t exist in Mystith’s turf.

Before her promise to Rudel came into question, she wanted to do something for Sakuya’s sake, she wanted to give her the best flight formation there could be.

‘Even so, this is a bother. Even if you tell me flying in formation, just what am I supposed to do… they didn’t use to have anything like that! But I’m sure Marty would be happy to see.’

She recalled the first human to ever make a contract with her…

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